Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Well Well Well, Look who's the new blogger?!
Tis true, sires. I too have decided to jump on the bandwagon and start a blog of my own. After Aadisht, Bhavya and Nisheeth, now, it's my turn
First, a few words about myself
Manav Kapur (for such is my name) is an extremely smart, handsome and dashing young gentleman who has a gaggle of girls constantly around him. Known as 'The Brain" to all those who know him, he is constantly asked by his friends how he manages to be so hot, chaahming and intelligent at the same time.

Yeah right, Manav, you wish. In your dreams, hon

Now, the truth
Manav Kapur (for such IS my name) is a boy whose looks have been charitably described as "Er...weird" by some and "Manav? ewablackk!" by sundry others(Most of whom includes my friends, for whom charity does not seem to be an essential virtue). A gaggle of girls has been with moi at times, but well, not, certainly for my looks, nor for my personality which falls short of being winning. Perversion, thy name is Manav.
The 'the brain' bit? Well, history maybe. In all other matters, Iam referred to as "Da Lunatic", for obvious reasons, as you will find after you get to know me.
So follow me, gentle reader, through a day-by-day view of the viscissitudes of my life.


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