Wednesday, January 28, 2004

A few facts about certain people who'll be referred to about once every blog-
1- Nisheeth (NieShit) (As Gays Blood Fist)- Nisheeth had the supreme good fortune to sit with me last year, and now he is sitting with Karan Misra. Lord, how art the mighty fallen!. He is fat, prone to emitting trouser-tearing gusts of wind(No, I'm serious, this did happen.) and is given to eating Kheer with Ketchup. Why wait to puke when you can taste it aise hi? One of the weirdest people I have had the good fortune to know.
2- Bhavya- (Da Deep One)- To one of my wondrous capabilities of perversion, The name "Da Deep One" suggests wondrous possibilities. Bhavya is perpetually happy bastard, which is rather a pain to those less fortunate-than-him. He is prone to sudden desires, specially for, ahem, Vrinda's balls, which he managed to lose in the library. Mr. Khanna also believes in having special mealtimes,solely devoted to petpooja, and woe betide anyone who calls him up from 1-2 and 8-9.
3- Prateek (PC)- Prateek, along with Bhavya, is one of the props of our Quijj team, and has almost as many accidents and sundry siyapas as me, not least being Hairy Sonali Bajaj (Parjaiji) and a recent knee-break.While things happen to me, he asks for them. Mr. Chadha is also notoriously mean, financially as well as nastily, though I must say that Prateek did give treat on Wednesday,and he is blessed with Debbie Aunty as a mother, who is one of the best cooks in the world.
4- Gyan- Gyan is still one of my better friends, which proves the truth of friendship being thicker than love.
5- Nazneen- Hai Nazneen. My inamorata for the better part of class XI, who thinks I am nice,kind, sweet and decent one moment and nasty, bad, wicked, horrible the other. Remarkable inconsistency, but nice girl. with lovely Vindalloo and Dhansaak made at house. Has promised to go out with me sometime.
6-Aadisht Khanna- Bhavya da vadda praa, who lives in Saada Patiala where he is presently studying Engineering (barf), and gorging on Pinnis (Drool). He has site ( where he has interesting blog. A must-read.
7-Dr. Mrs. Chona, our esteemed principal. Ma'am is Ma'am. Heil Ma'am!

Methinks that's about enough people to introduce to you. More shall come as time passes
Buh Bye then


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