Thursday, October 21, 2004

Why, Hello.
The last entry I wrote was in a state of immense depression. Not only had I got my marks, I had also got into a fight with my mother. All clear on that front now.
Smita has become a new blogger, with Yakity Yak. We wish her luck.
I have been rather irregular with entries. Apologise to all who want to read.

Yesterday, I made a rather interesting discovery, viz, the number of school days we have left are less than 40, While this depresses me, I am trying my level best not to let it interfere with my life. After all, any change that happens is bound to have both positive and negative consequences.

Today, me and Smita, along with my mother, went to see Bride and Prejudice. Bride and Prejudice is not only not upto the general standards of Gurinder Chadha, it also re-inforces every stereotype about India, right from the cows on the roads to the Punjabi mammijis bred on Makkhan and Gheo (Also written and pronounced as Kyoh), who want to get their daughters disposed off by marrying them off to Phoren munde, not to mention the Amreeka-returned Mr. Kohli, who can not see any redeeming feature in India.

It's extremely disgusting to know that all Indian film-makers renowned abroad are either peddlers of India's poverty, or those delighting in show-casing the idiosyncracies of India's people.
I mean, all Punjabis are not obsessed with the Bhangra, and hundred sons, and Aill Ay. Methinks Stereotypes piss me off.

I also think it was India's good fortune to have, as its masters, the British. Considering the fact that India, due to the fissiparous tendencies that plagued the Mughal empire towards its end, was bound to fall prey to one of the colonial powers, I can only thank my stars that it was the British, and not the Portuguese or the Spanish, that it fell to.

And oh, by the way, Sucks to our history textbooks. The real reason why the British empire fell was not due to the "Rise of freedom movements, and a new world order based on equality" but because it protected itself and its empire against a new, and more ruthless set of colonial powers, the Fascists. Had not the world wars happened, we would still have been living in a world which had the land of Her Majesty as its economic and political head.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i quite agree wid u .
not only does she project india in a disgusting manner , she also subjects the viewer to a 2 hrs of continuous song and dance sequences (wherein both are pathetic).
and all this is interspersed wid some really 'witty' dialogues by ash dearest.

5:42 am  
Blogger Karan said...

This makes me feel so much more happier for missing out on it.

10:43 pm  
Blogger Bacchus said...


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