Monday, February 02, 2009

The last two posts have been reminiscent of the breezy, funny, cheerful old entries. So was my mood- cheerful, amused, excited. It was as though breaking free from the confines of college life in NALSAR had awakened a younger me. Again.

Well, the glow has been quick to fade.

Was it naivete? Or Hope? Are those even different things? Did I really think things were that simple-that merely leaving a place one was unhappy in could cure everything? That things would all be good? That there would be joy and sunshine everywhere?

Ha. Ha. Ha. The stupidity of it all. To run away, and think things would be better. Nothing changes. Location, maybe. Facts remain facts. Memories remain memories. Dreams remain dreams- and nightmares, nightmares.

Whoever said absence makes the heart grow fonder obviously didn't know what it could do to bitterness.

Kam Honge Is Bisaat Par Hum Jaise Badqimaar,
Jo Chaal Hum Chale, So Nihaayat Buri Chale

An imperfect translation may read as follows:

Few could match our skill at the game of life,
For failure dogged every step we took.


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