Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sometimes, there are days that are good, and then there are days that are not-so-good, and sometimes, there are minutes...seconds, rather, which are just so perfect they bring a lump to one's throat.

Just such a minute - about 12.23 am, last night. I was in Lake Tahoe, standing outside the first floor of a beautiful house, there was snow all around, it was a starry night, there were pine trees pointing straight up at the sky with snow on them. I could hear muted music and laughter inside the house- with bathed the snow around in a soft yellow glow. There was a bit of a moon, just above the trees- one could almost touch it, I felt.

It seemed exactly like how I'd imagined Silent Night, Holy Night.

I was just so glad to be there- just be alive. To be able to just exist- shorn of worry, ambition, the feeling of being superfluous.

Life is a wonderful thing.


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