Thursday, January 29, 2004

Hello to all
I'd planned to write about the CBSE Heritage India Quiz, but to write about all of it would be an extremely painful task and I dont quite feel up to it, So I'll just tell all of you about my experience with the Clinic Nurse, and assorted hors d'ouevres about what happened today
See, our school has this woman in the Clinic who is, to put a charitably, a bitch. We needed some white cloth to put on top of the tables and PP (Prema Pandey ma'am, to those of you not knowing her) asked me to get some from the clinic.
So far so good.
So I go to clinic, and ask for 4 sheets, only to be told "Main do sheets se zyaada nahi de sakti hoon". Me and Vrinda Maheshwari (not to be confused with Vrinda Marwah, who chews iron nails and turns into a werewolf at nightfall) beg and pleaded, but to no avail. So we went to Subedarji in iskool and asked him and he allowed us to get two more sheets from the clinic, though not before getting evil look from the daughter (mother, she seemed) of death sitting there.
So we go back to AVH, and PP sees a hideously crumpled sheet and throws a fit and tells us to get it changed IMMEDIATELY, because on no account would Mrs. C. stand for it. Now I am the one chosen for this task, and when PP says something yours is not to reason why, yours is but to do and meet the Clinic Incharge, which is a fate much worse than death.
I go down again, shaking in my shoes and tell THE BITCH!!! "Ma'am, Chona Ma'am ko yeh achha nahi lag raha hai, woh keh rahein hai ke crumpled hai"
Evil Bitch looks at me as though I'd indecently propositioned her, and goes "Unko kaho apne ghar se le aaye"
Now I would have loved this comment from some other person, but the woman from hell was seriously annoying the Fuck out of me, and I was scared lest I tell her what a bitch she really is, so I decided to shut up and look pleadingly at her until she gave way.
After 10 minutes, she did.
Then we also had to wrestle with big board, but since I cannot talk about that without weeping copiously, I shall not talk about it.
The Quiz went off well, and later we got Pakodas and Samosas and sandwiches and Barfi, so I can safely say that there is a god, and that he loves me.

Nazneen was annoyed with me for having refused to help her with her psychology project, so I had to spend hours trying to manaofy her, but in which I did finally succeed. Yus!
That was about all.
Buh Bye then


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