Saturday, January 31, 2004

Suraiya died today.
For those of you ignorant s.o.b.s who do not know her,Suraiya was an actress cum singer in Pre and pOst independence India. She started singing in the early 1940s and in the period 1948-49 was at her best, with her trio of great hits Badi Bahen, Dillagi and Pyaar Ki jeet, getting Rs. 50.000 per film in those days! She also had an affair with Dev Anand during this time.
Her woes started after 1950, at whicxh point Lata Mangeshkar had come onstage. Along with her breakup with Dev, since her nani (THE BITCH!!) wanted her to marry a Muslim, her professional career started floundering, and even a Mirza Ghalib (1954) could nt salvage it.
She retired after Rustom Sohrab in 1963, which had Vrinda's favourite "Yeh Kaisi Ajab Dastaan Ho Gayi Hai" and lived a secluded life until today.


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