Friday, December 10, 2004

Fourteen years ago, we entered Delhi Public School, and now the time comes when we leave it, not substantially or in installments, but very wholly.
(Apologies to J.L. Nehru)

You guessed right, school's over. Today was in effect the last working day for most of us, and even though we might come sometimes to get files checked, and for the ....
The Pre-Pre-Boards!
The Pre-Pre Boards!!!!!
The concept of a pre-pre board shall now be explained to the lot of you, See, every school has something called a Pre-board, which means just what it sounds like: An examination to prepare one for the Board Examinations in March. This examination is usually conducted in January.

So was the case with Delhi Public School, Rama Krishna Puram. However, courtesy some recent incidents, our school has become an institution that makes Bergen-Belsen sound like a veritable paradise on earth. Not only are all mobiles prohibited, but students are not allowed to use the internet. We did work on the internet.

I digress.

The pre-pre boards are one of the oppressive measures introduced by this act (2004) (History I am studying). These are a series of test with 'limited' (Sardonic, Bitter laughter) syllabus. We have been given all of two weeks notice, and have been told to wrap up our course by the 15th. All this means is that I am existing on three hours of sleep.

The only good point of this cursed "Test Series" is the fact that it prevents us getting maudlin. While earlier we used to look at each other and say "Wail, school's ending", we now look at each other and say "School's ending, when will the history/physics/chemistry/biology/maths syllabus end?"

It has also been decided by the school that we are a "Morally bankrupt lot". A list of directives have been issued that make the Athens of Draco seem as Liberal as Amsterdam. We can now not go to Prince Pan Corner, and not wearing a tie is a punishable offence by which we can be deprived of our Character Certificate.

When I asked teachers why we were treated like criminals, they said it was to "Discipline" us. So, may I remind you, gentle reader, was the Jallianwala Bagh massacre.I don't see why the school does not put up a plaque on the Front Gate saying "Abandon Hope All Ye who enter here"

I never ever thought I would say this, but if this is what school will come too, thank the Lord we're leaving. We've had great times here, wonderful teachers, hard work and a load of fun (Most of my good points are in no small measure due to the school), but when the school reposes no trust in us, our lurrrve for school reduces exponentially.

Let's hope this is just a temporary measure.

(Aphsos mein do pal ki saailaens hai)


Blogger Karan said...

Criminally funny.

I assume the blank space at the end of the entry was:
a) a very ludicrous mistake of recurring Enters, or
b) as a mark of silence for all the evil that is happening in school

Happy Pre-Pre-Boards.

8:02 am  
Blogger Dhruv said...

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9:05 pm  
Blogger Dhruv said...

Can't say I disagree with you on what all you've said..
Our principal's going overboard.. I wish she'd cool down a bit and have a little faith.. A guy in my class got a red card with the excuse that he was 10 min. late to class and though Lakshmi said that he'd taken her permission and gone, Udita refused to let him go.. just 'cos she don't like him.. WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TO????

4:06 am  

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