Monday, March 29, 2010


Don't. Don't fucking not call. Don't say that you'll call and then forget. I spend hours awake- forcing my eyes open- waiting for them. Don't flippantly apologise, and don't, just don't, have that note of pity in your voice. I can deal (somehow) with your indifference, I can handle your sympathy, I can handle your friendship, I can't handle the tone of amused condescension in your apology. Don't say we'll meet, and throw my programme in disarray as I screw up everything else to reach, only to get a message saying "But nothing was confirmed". I wouldn't do that to you. And you know that.

If you say you actually do care, then prove it. Else leave. Easy come, easy go. It's worked out fine earlier.

"Don't make anyone a priority in your life when you're nothing but an option in theirs"

Sigh. If only I could learn from the past.


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Blogger Ruchira Goel said...

Oh man, this is SO resonant :(

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