Thursday, August 27, 2009

Not Quite A Social Butterfly, And Other Things

My friends refer to me as the Social Butterfly. In many ways, that is true. I talk to many more people than any of them. For someone who describes himself as an introvert on applications, I sure talk a lot.

Over the last few months, though, I've realised that my circle has actually dwindled. Not in terms of people, but in terms of the variety of people. All the people I regularly talk to are from law school- (with two notable exceptions, one of whom reads my blog. :) ). That makes for a set of conversation that go down a few sharply defined paths:

1. How law school sucks- and how we want to leave- and how what we thought of law school isn't anything like what it actually is. (And what did we expect, eh? Something out of John Grisham)

2. How we don't know WHAT we are going to do post-law school.

3. How AMSS pays like shit, and treats its employees like turds.

4. How the language of rights ties up with the Constitutional Conception of Morality and so on, until we mention Naz foundation some thirty times.

With older school friends, unfortunately, there are but 2 kinds of conversations:

1. How nice school was, and did they know Mrs. Chona (along with all the good teachers) has left, and how school is a hell-hole, I tell you, and then an ackward silence before we remember to tell each how nice it was catching up, and face the obligatory questions about where one was studying again (Yes, NALSAR, not NLS. NLS is where Prateek is.) Such a pleasure.

2. Conversations that begin with a hello, don't show too much promise, and rapidly peter out into "Well, I must be going now. Such fun catching up". You're working?getting married? Engaged? Awesome. We must meet sometime".

3. With Damini: Conversations as they usually were. (Barring those six months in the middle).

Not too good for a "flibbertigibbet", and "someone who talks to the world", no?

In other news, the roof of the hostel is the best place to enjoy Rafi. Or Faiz. With a glass of whiskey, usually. With Ice.

I leave you with a few lines from Faiz:

Kab Mehakegi Fasl-e-Gul, Kab Behekega Maikhana?
Kab Subh-e-Sukhan Hogi, Kab Shaam-e-Nazar Hogi?

Kab Thahrega Dard-e-Dil, Kab Raat Basar Hogi?
Sunte The Woh Aayenge, Sunte The Saher Hogi.

(And no, I shan't tell you where I got the ice from.)



Blogger Karan said...

Everything is a one-time experience, isn't it?

Also, when are you going to start writing those beautiful lines in beautiful Nastaliq (or Devanagari) instead of this horrible romanization?

10:53 am  
Blogger Aishwarya said...

I feel left out of this post. Hmph.

1:21 pm  
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