Saturday, June 08, 2013

Woh Bhooli Dastaan, Lo Phir Yaad Aa Gayi,
 Nazar ke saamne, ghata si chha gayi
 Kahaan se phir chale aaye, yeh kucch bhatke hue saaye
 Yeh kucch bhoole hue naghmein, jo mere pyaar ne gaaye,
 Yeh kuchh bicchdi hui yaadein, yeh kucch toote hue sapnen,
 Paraaye ho gaye toh kya, kabhi woh bhi to the apne...
 Na jaane unse kyon milkar, nazar sharma gayi.

 Re-reading the blog makes me think of this song.

But then, of course, other songs come to mind. In particular, the lines "Jo khatam ho kisi jagah, yeh aisa silsila naheen". I will be back here. Soon.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dude, I enjoy reading your blog. No posts for almost one yr. Hope everythimg is OK.

10:56 am  

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