Monday, February 02, 2004

I have been in semi-mourning for the last 3 days. As mentioned in my last blog, Suraiya died on the 31st of January 2004, at Kishendas Hospital in South Mumbai, at 9.25 AM of diabetes mellitus, low blood pressure and, to put the lid on things, a heart that decided to stop beating.
Evidently. the only people from the film industry to come for her funeral were Dilip Kumar, who as far as I know dd not act with her in any film, and Dharmendra. who went to see her Dillagi 40 times from his Pind in Punjab. Dev Anand did not bother to go for her funeral, which shows major bastardpanti, since it was on account of him that she never got married. According to sundry stories about her on the net, it was after their break-up that her career started plumetting.
I couldn't go for her funeral, and she's a Muslim, so there is no question of a chautha or an uthala, which I would certainly have attended.
Anyway, I have decided to resume my normal life, which basically means that it is not only Suraiya's songs I shall hear, but shall go back to my Shamshad Begum and Noorjehan.
I am not feeling rather well today, sohave bunked the economics monday test.
Buh Bye then


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