Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Good evening dear reader. How you are?
I thought I'd join the rest of the world in giving you a lowdown on my teachers.
1- Mrs Padmavathy Shrinivasan- She has a heart even bigger than her name, which is a thing one would believe to be well-nigh impossible. I went to her house today, and she treated me to fabulous Chinese food. (Unfortunately vegetarian, but what can you expect from an Iyengar?). I went to her place to type out notes in history, which is what happens when you are star student, and had to listen to a long lecture about how she wants a 90 in history in the boards this year, and moi was supposed to provide it.
2- Mrs Rupa Das- She is a geography teacher, and can make her subject a laat more fun if she tries. Even though she enjoys geography, she makes it sound extremely boooooring. In giving marks, she's ra-zzer strict.
3- Mrs. Suchitra Kaushik- Maths. She is sweet. Freedom of the press, I thought, was a fundamental right. Comment if I m wrong.
4- Mrs. Deepa Raghavan. A-Ha, Now that's a teacher I really like. She's supposed to be very strict, but she started a class with an explanation of the development of English literature, and also explained the first four lines of thr Canterbury tales. The way she deals with the class is rather Strict, for want of a better word, which is what makes me enjoy it. As a teacher, she's one at the top.
5- Economics. Hoooold your breath........... Mrs. Suman Lata once again!!!!!!!!. She's started to become even worse with the class, and is now going to make sure that no one bunks economics. Well. I anyway don't, but for the others, who maybe attended a single class in the 'dismal science' (made much more dismal !) in the whole academic year (Most notable of whom is a certain Miss Unnati Misra!), its going to be a kind of torture outlawed by the Geneva Convention. Anyway, they're going to have fun.

Well, I think I'll talk a bit more about other teachers I ve had and liked in the last few years.
glands in her class, and almost getting slapped.
6- Mrs. Shruti Misra- NOW THAT was a teacher I realy liked. More information shall be provided on request. The Freedom of the press is an unknown idea in Delhi Public School.
7- Miss Swati Dasgupta- Ooooooooooooooh, quelle professeur!. She managed to awaken my interest in french after having a certain other teacher, who shall remain unknown to all of you now as my teacher, which is no mean feat. Though fond of introducing herself to her class by the words "Hi, I m Swati, and I m nasty!", she was quite sweet to me after I started behaving myself in class.
8- Chandrani Mukherjee- AKA Queen Victoria. Wonderfully fun English teacher though rather evil where giving marks were concerned, atleast to the rest of Class 10 K. I still remember her exquisite vocabulary, and her fat quivering arms. The best experience I ever had in her class was when she asked Sahil Kanwar to stand up in class to give am answer to an 8 marker about the character sketch of Joy, a character in a ghastly play called the Phoenix. Sahil got up, shifted uneasily, scratched his hair, surreptitiously did something not very nice, and dropped the following pearls of wisdom.
"Er, ma'am, ah ma'am, Joy, ma'am. Joy is Boy!"
and stares at her pleadlingly, while the class ROAREDDDDDD with laughter.
9- Mrs. Neerja Jawa- A-ha, She was another teacher I liked, and one who managed to awaken my dead interest in mathematics. Her pronounciation had some rather interesting peccadillos, Email for further information. All the same, she was a lovely person, and one that I really like.
10- Mrs Prema Pandey- Now thats another teacher in the Swati Dasgupta and Deepa Raghavan league, as far as my respect for her is considered. My first brush-in with her was not as good as it could have been, relations have improved and are quite cordial between us as of this moment. She plans to send me to finishing school, and if she means Switzerland, let it be on the record that I have no objection WHAT-SO-EVER. She's also one of the incharges of interschool competitions.
11- Mrs Suman Takru- Ah, she's the other one, and is the velvet glove in the Iron hand-velvet glove combination.She however, also gets her work done, though by persuation rather than bullying.
I think thats quite enough for today.