Friday, February 27, 2004

I'm no longer depressed now. My chhala has disappeared.
According to Nisheeth I am the most obnoxious person on the Planet.
Well, obnoxious I may (may. mind you, and I think Dhruv Dahiya is worse) be, but Nisheeth takes the cake in noxiosity (Is that the word?). Known for his trouser-tearing farts in Class 9, as well as eating Kheer with tomato sauce (which might have been the reason for the farts!), year he seems to have become ickier still. Az Gays has proudly informed the world about the fact that "I have basically stopped bathing, having last done so on boxing day (26th). It is therefore advised that anyone living in or around the city of New Delhi invest in gas masks"

He has personally confessed to me that he did not have a bath for at least 20 day in the height of summer. What beats me is how his family live with it.

As Gays also brings a putrid-smelling tiffin to school.
What could be more noxious and obnoxious than that?

And he calls ME Obnoxious. (demented laughter ensues)



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