Friday, March 19, 2004

Manny Low Manny Low Manny Low
Don't read this if you want humour, its not azgezesque.
class XI is over. We're going to 12th. I m freaked.
See, its not that I m scared about the fact that its a board year, though that doesn't quite cheer me up anyways. What I'm getting freaked out is the fact that its the last year in school. Its fucking freaky. Hello, I'm a kid still, Don't make me leave school!

I've always had trouble adjusting to new situations. In Infant, I used to howl when we had to go to school. In Vasant Vihar I was fine, largely because mama was there, I was then (and still am, when I m nervous) a mamma's boy. There's nothing like mama for making everything seem better.

In RKP, I hated it, It was largely because I didn't have many friends inita\ially, and I was also a horrible person, After I got friends by the end of VIIth, life improved and by class VIII I actually started enjoying life.

Lekin 10th, 10th was a turning point in my scholastic life.
Finally I found a great set of friends, people who I'm very thankful to. My quizzing career, that Se Evil Udita had put into cold storage again kick-started after the Columban and Bongo (Siddharth Banerjee to all those who don't know him). Bongo took us under his wing, and, against Prema Ma'am's advice, took us for a quiz meant exclusively for class XI and XII, in which we managed to come 2nd. That was the actual start of Quizzing in RKP.
We (PC, Bhavya, Anurag and Manav, in that order) went from strength to strength in this year, managing to always come either 2nd or 3rd, something that has managed to dog us until this year.

The pre-boards went very well, and gave me confidence for the boards, in which I was;t bad. By the end of 10th, everything was at its peak.

Since then, its not been as good, though its still been close.

I haven't had as much fun in Class in class XI as I managed in Class X, caused in part due to my moronic class in the dungeon block, in which everyone(with the exception of 5 people) have an IQ of x, where x is numerically so small that x square and higher powers cannot be considered. As a result of all these, I ve been bored in class. Very Bored.

On the Quiz and Personal front however, its been getting better. If you read Bhavya's blog, you get some idea of their quizzing success, in most of which I've also played a part, albeit a small one. Personally, I ve made great friends while keeping track of my old (and best) ones. My circle of friends is at its peak.

Now 12th. End of school. I m petrified. Let nothing change. Let ze bonds never grow weaker. Life's been the best I've had for the last two years, specially in school, Please, life, stay that way.

I have no doubt this'll seem very corny to all of you, me too by the morning. But right now, at 12.47 am. I say thanks. Thank you god, for all that I have. Thank you life, for all that you have given me.
At this point, this minute, this juncture in life, I honestly feel I have no regrets. I know that I will have remembered some by the morning, that by the morning I'll revert to my pessimistic, low, boring self. I know that I may be low again, I know that I've screwed up my papers, but I have no regrets, none whatsoever, in these past two years.

May this be the case with me the day I die too. (No, I am not suicidal!, I m rambling, I know. Don't read this if you want humour, it doesn't have much). I once read something about an old woman whose family prepared a wonderful dinner for her, and after that she went for a walk and never came back. She was blessed. How lovely it would be to die when one is at peace with oneself, when one can honestly say "Thank you God, for all you have given to me".

Hai Ram, what all have I been writing!
Yours Puzzledly
Manav (not so low now)


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