Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Hello there,
I hope all of you are in the pink of health, because I am not. Examinations draw closer, and I must agree with As Gays Blood Fist, even though I am not in Pay Puh Mode. I admire him for that (Is there no end to my magnanimity?)

As Gays Blood Fist has recently published a blog entry. I shall quote from it..
1- Da Lunatic then proceeded to call her a Brontosaurus, which one also finds funny, when one considers the fact that both Da Lunatic and most Brontosauruses have comparable brain sizes.
A brontosaurus had a brain of 5.8kgs, so thanks, Nisheeth. It is not, incidentally the size that makes a difference to the intellect (which I have quite a lot of), but the ridges on it.
Also, the plural of brontosaurus (Apatosaurus excelsus) happens to be brontosauri.
2- However, if you are male, and screw yourself (a male) it is supposed to be okay. What crap! Please nobody give me that time honored cockroach excreta about how screwing yourself and fagging are two different things,they're not.

Ermm, I didn't know that masturbation involved "Screwing" as per the definitiion of the word. Correct me if this is so.
As far as I know, fagging refers to smoking cigarettes, which is definitely not the same as screwing oneself. What I think Azgez is referring to, is shagging.


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