Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Sorry Sorry Sorry and Very Sorry.
Me had the aforementioned exams and so me did not blog, Okay, no excuses will do. I have been very remiss in writing blog entries, and not writing one for two weeks cannot be excused.
Today you shall hear about the tragedy of my papers.
History- 10th March 2004- This was the first paper, and the one in which my panic attacks started. Though we hardly had much course, I was so freaked out that my productivity declined to approximately 20% of what it normally is. The paper did not, however, go badly and with a bit of luck I expect something like an 80 in it, which is extremely good for history.
2- Geography- 12th March 2004- I am stupid, I left two whole chapters in this. Another effect of panic. In case someone has any tips on panic management, please give them to me, I ve managed to majorly screw up my papers this time, However, it could have been a lot worse. Am expecting about 80 in this too.
3- English- 13th March 2004- What does one say about English? As apapers go, it wasn't bad, with the notemaing, the only thing I hate being easy, 75-80.
40 Maths-15th March 2004- Now this was FUCKED! FAAKED MAJORLY. I don't know what happened but I forgot everything I had done in half my chapoters, and I'll be lucky if I manage a 60.
4th- Economics-17th March 2004- The only redeeming feature of this was the fact that the Indian eco part was easy, sine I fucked up stats.
Useless set of papers


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