Sunday, May 09, 2004

Karan's emergency is working, inasmuch as I am back to writing!.
Our sweet esteemed Principal Dr. Shyama Chona has ensured that all hapless appointments have to do duty everyday in break. The Quiz Club has been given the BRIDGE, of all things, ie,That pathetic uncovered corridor connecting all the Bacha Blocks where nothing ever happens! That's not quite true, since in our times a condom was found there, and someone's head was bashed in with a jhaadu.
Since then things have considerably quitened down, and the installation of gorgons like Amla Thukral and Swarn Sardana has put an end to whatever little mischief that happened. My duties basically consist of going with Anurag Sud (He of the sharklike smile), walking with him, telling kids not to run, and picking up and throwing an empty coke bottle in the bin. Hardly scintillating.

The Hitch-hikers Guide to the Galaxy is a fabulous book, and all those bits of human flotsam and jetsam who haven't read it should do so at the earliest. I love Douglas Adams. Pity he died so soon.

Aadisht has got into IIM Bangalore, where hopefully he will go bang-a-whore. Vadhaiyaan!!!!. What's even better is the fact that he's taking all of us out to lunch at Flavors! Bhavya, when you get into IIM-Ahmedabad, we want either Dakshin or Pan-Asian!

Our school seems to be moving toward Fascism, with esteemed principal Dr. Mrs. Shyama Chona, Padmashri awardee, being the Dipsian equivalent of Mussollini. While he had his Black Shirts, she has her Red Sashes. Vrinda, Damini and Prateek, along with Zafar the duffer, are all on their way to becoming obedient brainwashed slaves of her Excellency. God, why dost thou sleep when thy obedient servants suffer? Is Madam Chona the next Goldy Malhotra? Will DPS Become as decrepit a school as Modern School Vasant Vihar? Will I flunk my eco monday tests. In sab ke jawaab ke liye, Waach This Ispace!

Well, I think I'll be a bit more regular now, filhaal, this is it.


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