Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Main Zinda Hoon! Main Zinda Hoon!

Hehe, Despite the Boards. Despite the padhai! I live, and now I rise from the ashes. My blog shall again, contrary to Karan, show signs of life.
Signs? Huh, Watch me now!
First of all, Thank you to for including me in his list of best new bloggers. Much gratified, especially since I have written very little over the last two months.

Now, I have an Economics Board day-after-tommorow.
After what was, beyond question, the shittiest date sheet this year.
What this means now is that my boards end in 49 more hours. Hoy to the world. No longer shall I have to learn Geography, No longer shall integration blight my life. No longer shall differential equations F''k me, no longer shall.....

Oh, get the message, the boards end soon.
With the boards, ends my schooling life. Fourteen Years of a (mis) spent youth at Delhi Public School (Call it the MMS school, but remember, it shall exist and lead long after the MMS is dead.).
I shall miss school.
A lot.
After all, school means a great deal to me. Its given me Vidya-BTW, Vidya does not refer to Integration and dy/dx, but to more important things like Handling responsibility, knowing when to shut up, and to not call a Fat Demented Bangaalan (Members of former Quizzing Clubs shall know who I refer to) as Mussolini. Its given me loads of fun, great teachers, wonderful friends, and nights of fun and frolic.
Errr. maybe NOT the nights of fun and frolic, but all the rest.

Anyway, I m too gleeful to write more today, so next week, you shall hear about my top ten memories in School.

Sneak Preview- Class X, November 2002- Teacher who shall be referred to as SM- "Beta Mansi, ab toh padh lo, half-yearlies ke marks yaad hai yaah nahi. Itni chhoti memory hain?"
Manav Kapur "Haan, ma'am, iske mammaries kaafi chhote hain" PC and Manav giggle. rest of class dumbfounded. SM says "Meet me outside class"
SM- *(Outside Class) "Must you do such things in class. is this any way to infinitum"
Manav- "Sorry ma'am"
SM- "Hummmm, all right, but behave yourself. Pause. Aur Waise, Mansi isn't all that small, y'know"



Blogger Karan said...

I'm sorry I'm just laughing my head off! Great entry.

11:27 pm  
Blogger Bhavya said...

Moti Manvi...are you going to be telling the same stories unto the end of time?

7:47 pm  
Blogger Manav said...

When its the mammary story, yes. Apologies to those who've heard it before...

And besides, it beats writing about underwear and the existential angst involved in putting it on when people come.
(Low Blow?)

8:16 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yay!!ur back...and how....lovely to read what u write...instead of listening to the same on the phone!!delight...though, story is a bit stale...hope the other ones i havent heard....

8:29 am  
Blogger Dhruv said...

Holy moly!
Whoever is SM!! Gotta love her, I must! She sounds cooler than AD!

1:21 am  
Anonymous gudi said...

SM is shruti mishra?
besides there are some stories that manav can tell.. for everything else theres bhavya

6:29 am  
Anonymous real estate sydney said...


Moi aussi j' aime la France : pays magnique, really beautiful country.
I hope you had fun there!
A bientot!

12:00 am  

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