Friday, February 20, 2004

Bonjour mes amis!
Today was selection for head boy, or Bada Aadmi, as Bhavya calls it.
Was quite good for some, namely Prateek, who now is almost certain to become head boy, Raman, since he did not pee in his pants, which is the most one can expect from him, and Sud.
I bunked my English period today, which is one of the first times I have ever bunked classes in my life, However, I later realised that we had anyway been called for photos, which makes my bunking legitimate. (Unlike Abeer Guha, who is a bastard) Ha Ha Ha!
Malika Pukhraj also died two weeks back, making this the third musical personality to depart from this world within a week.
This is one of my most disjointed entries, but I'm bored and tired.


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