Monday, February 23, 2004

Good Evening All.
I have been asked why I have not enabled comments on my blog. See, all of those reading this blog have their own blogs, and also know me. As a result, if there's something that they want to ask, they can pick up taliphun and call.
Furthermore, it is MY Blog. Mine. Mera. Le Mien. Got the message? Good.

PC and Bhavya are going to Kanpur on wednesday for a science thingie. Whatever one might say about Science(And Abhishek Raman, referred to on Bhavya's blog, has said quite a lot!) Its quizzes are stuffed with $$$. With PC and Bhavya winning more than a thousand in a (needless to say, Science) quiz. Best of luck to them.

What else should I tell thee, gentle reader? Exams come closer. Ek jaan aur laakh gham, ghut ke reh jaaye na ham... Oh, I 'm completely off Nazneen now, with no trace of the lurrrve that existed for her. Am hunting for someone else now. Bhavya suggested Copal, who is duffer genius, Though looks wise she is hottie, her habit of saying "paahdon" when she doesn't get something (which, frankly, happens quite often) annoys me.

Those who hath insulted this blog, May Your Jewels Wither into Cottonseeds! Cool line, na? Thank you, VP.

I go now, Mathematics beckons.


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