Thursday, February 19, 2004

Hello Darling Helo, Hum tum pe Marela Hai!
Cheerio to all, today happens to be Temporary insanity day, because of which I am temporarily insane. For those who argue that that is how I am always, well, they can derive orgasmic pleasure by shoving gaajar-moolis up their arses. From what Karan informs me, I realise that that will also enable them to stimulate their G-spots. HOW Karan knows about the location of the Male G-Spot I have no idea. Please consult him for further details.
We have our clas Picnic tommorow, and we have decided to go to Nehru Park, which makes me remember a similar picnic in Class 10. We shall. that day, be going with Aakriti Prasad's class, which heightens the sense of Deja-vu, since last time, it was the day before the picnic that I had proposed to her for the first time, no prizes for guessing her answer, which neccessitated a second, third and fourth (albeit half-willed) proposal, each with the same result.
Oh, I have been meaning to write about a certain incident that took place last week. I was chatting with Nisheeth online, while reading assorted blogs, when I opened Karan's (blog, you perverse people) and saw a rather explicit photo of Janet Jackson's mammary glands.
In one of the most SLAGIATT (Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time) actions I have ever performed, I decided to send this to Nisheeth, using the Send files thingie on MSN.
So far so good.
However, I had not considered the possibility that Nisheeth's Mataji and Pitaji might be in the room, which they were. This led to the following chain of events.
1- Nisheeth opens the Successfully recieved file, and with horror gazes at Janet's titties with his mummiji right behing him.
2- Mataji leaves room to tell Pitaji, who happened to be out of the room at that point of time.
3- Nisheeth is summoned to Pitaji's room.
4- Pitaji gives Nisheeth -
a)- A discourse on the birds and bees, which is rather surprising, since Nisheeth is almost 17, and one supposes his parents would have given it to him earlier.
2- A lecture on the Importance (Impotence, in Sumanspeak) of a good Moral Character.
And last, but not the least.
3- A discourse of judging people before choosing friends, which I think is rather unfair, since Aunty and Uncle have no idea of what I am, and hpw My Moral Character is.
However, I have a sneaky suspicion that my Moral Character will not find favour with them, since even the most charitable of persons cannot describe the aforementioned Moral Character being quite Pristine.
As a result of all that happened, I seem to have been declared persona non-grata at the Sharma residence, and can not call him up without the blush of shame upon the mantle of my cheek. Wail!
In yet another example of SLAGIATT, I poked a board-pin up Karan Misra's rear end, for no other reason that the fact that such had been my wont at that time. Needless to say, the funny side of the matter was not what appealed to him, and methinks it did not quite stimulate his G-Spot, which has previously been mentioned. HA HA HA!
Moving on, tomorrow happens to be the day that the head boy is chosen for school. As a result, I wish PC, Bhavya, Karan, Sud, and Zafar luck. (Zafar, poor guy, needs the most). May the best man win!. My prediction is that PC will Pakka be one head-boy, the other I cannot say.
My English teacher is displeased with me for not having submitted my English Homework since November, a fact that has however not influenced her Monday test marking, where I have got a cool 32/40. Yay!. However, she has telephoned saadi mataji, who is now mazorly pissed with me. Swaah.

Oh, by the way, Aadisht's W-Fillet is on, where votes are needed for his entry to win. All of you, therefore, shall go to and vote for him every day.
Thanking You
Yours Sincerely


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