Tuesday, May 11, 2004

On Lunches, and Birthdays
Yesterday, we went for lunch.
Lunch at an Italian Restaurant, flavors! (The Italian Restaurant, so people say!)
Aadisht treat
God Bless Aadisht! May he sire a hundred sons!!!
The food was out of the world, as was the company. (We do not count Vidushi in the first half, who moped because her cellphone could not be switched on.). Despite the fact that the seating arrangements had to be changed many times,to enable Damini and Vidz to kick people, we had joy, we had Phun. And now, we have seasons in the sun! The Mercury is touching 43 c already. and is climbing still further. Unlike the Khanna Bros. I do not like the heat, It pisses me off, and makes me grumpy. Khair, we live in troubled times.

Today is Badau Birthday in the family, with two of Dadaji's brothers being born on this day, one in 1917, and the other in 1929. Supposedly, it was also Beeji's birthday (Dadajis mother), and I m getting a bit nostalgic thinking about her. Hence, I shall stop right here.


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