Saturday, November 13, 2004

Happy Diwali to all, Happy Birthday to Vidz
I shall start, in chronological order, with the story of Pronthe. Karan and me, one day on the telephone, were discussing how Punjabis seem to exert a deleterious effect on Hindi,and pronounce things weirdly. One of the examples cited was Paraanthe.
See, Punjabis (Specially old auntijis who make the paraanthe), refer to Paraanthe as Pronthe. This caused us great mirth as we discussed how to these aunties, the only solution to any problem is "Pronthe Khaalo Ji"
We also won the Modern School Barakhamba Road Quiz. (Me, Sud, and Avik), since Bhavya's team was knocked out by a pernicious system of Only-one-team-per-school by a Quizmaster who suggested quizzes were for the audience.
Plays are for the audience, and a movie is for the spectators. A quiz is for the Quizzers. I object to people gawking at us as though we were "beings trapped in cages"
Now we move to Le Fete de l'ecole. In face, Les Fetes des ecoles would be better, since there were two of them, one solely for Delhi Public School students, in school uniform, and another for anyone who paid 20 Rupees.
So, the first day opened with a bang, and Jemima Khan, a VV student from Class Two, who was a perfectly poisonous accent, that sounds like she's the Princess Royal of England, at the age of two. Hearing her thanking "our deeee-ah Mrs. Chowna" was quaahite a suh-pwize.
I hear her brother sounds exactly like her,
Anyway, moving on, we ate, we enjoyed, we had fun, and I have to go and study.
To be contd.