Monday, September 07, 2009

I turned 22 last week. Law school is almost over. I still don't know what I want to do in life. :(. The purpose of this post (insofar as these things have a purpose) is, however, not to list out my woes. Not this time, no.

But the other day, I heard beauty.

dasht-e-tanhaai mein, ai jaan-e-jahaan, larzaan hain,
In the desert of my solitude, oh life of my world,tremble
teri aawaaz ke saaye,
the shadows of your voice,
tere honthon ke saraab
the mirage of your lips

is qadar pyaar se hai jaan-e jahaan rakkhaa hai
With such tenderness, O life of my heart,
dil ke rukhsaar pe
on the cheek of my heart,
is vaqt teri yaad ne haath
has your memory placed its hand right now

yun guman hota hai ,
that it seems as though
garche hai abhi subah-e-firaaq
(despite it being still the dawn of separation)
dhal gaya hijr ka din
the sun of exile has set
aa bhi gaye vasl ki raat
and, finally, the night of meeting has arrived.

Beautiful, no?