Thursday, November 03, 2011

Lessons I have learnt over the last few weeks:

1. Kheer is not impossible to make.
2. Despite however much you bitch about the pollution and the firecrackers, Diwali like any other day really hurts.
3. Don't put woollen clothes in a dryer and set it for 'Cotton'. DON'T. The sweater will unravel.
4. I still have it in me- the ability to do an all-nighter.
5. Whiskey, rum, Jagermeisters, LIITs and Beers are not a good idea. Especially not together. ESPECIALLY not simultaneously.
6. I'm still as interested in the Partition as I ever was.
7. When you try to throw people out of your life, you sometimes have to throw a lot of yourself as well.
8. Cooking is fun, yes, but a pain.
9. Nothing beats sitting in a nice, warm room and having tea, Biscotti and shortbread when it's snowing outside.