Sunday, October 14, 2007

I've noticed that my blog still says I am a 17 year-old. That's no longer true-I'm 20 now- but I don't have the heart to change it. The blog was there when I was 17, and still continues, but the way "Of Life and Lurrrve" was belongs to a Manav who is definitively gone now. The blog is still a very school-oriented blog, and it doesn't matter what else I write on it, I will continue to think of it as one. It dates from a more flippant time, you see.

Schooltime was happy. Parts of it weren't, but on the whole it was a happy time for me. It was also a time when I could laugh unrestrainedly, without fearing that it would all go. College years, have however, helped to rid me of that impression. Happiness is something that seems to have gone too far, and somehow, I cannot see things changing. There is nothing left in terms of excitement. Work beckons, as it always does. I don't understand things. I don't understand people here. I cannot stand fake people, and its always a horrid feeling to wake up once and realise there is no one left. I cannot, will not, however, continue to live in a bubble world. Some things in life must be dealt with, and this is one of them.

People often send me comments asking why I no longer write. Well, once I didn't because I was too caught up in college, and didn't feel the need to write, and now I don't because there is nothing of the humour that once accompanied my earlier posts.

Maybe. its called growing up.

Gham-e-Hasti Ka Asad, Kis Se Ho Juz Marg Ilaaj,
Shama Har Rang Mein Jalati Hai Saher Hone Tak

One must also remember that saher for us, is death for the shama in question.

Monday, October 08, 2007

For a dear friend:

Have you realised the feeling that one gets wen one sees exactly what one has been trying to express for so long in print:

Here's one of those times.

Mere Humdum, Mere Dost: Faiz Ahmed Faiz:

Gar Mujhe Yaqeen Ho, Mere Humdum, Mere Dost.
Gar Mujhe Yaqeen Ho, Ke Tere Dil Ki Thakaan,
Tere Aankhon Ki Udaasi, Tere Seene Ki Jalan,
Mere Diljoi, Meri Dosti Se Mit Jaayegi,
Gar Mera Hard-e-tasalli Woh Dava Ho Jis Se,
Ji Uthe Phir Tera, Ujada Hua Benoor Deemaagh,
Teri Peshani Se Dhul Jaaye Woh Tazleel Ke Daagh
Teri Beemaar Jawaani Ko Shifa Ho Jaaye,
Gar Mujhe Is Ka Yaqeen Ho, Ai Mere Dost!
Rosh-o-shab, Shaam-o-sehar main tujhe baihlaata jaaoon,
Main Tujhe Geet Sunaaoon, Halq-e-Shireen,
Absharon Ke, Bahaaron Ke, Chamanzaaron Ke Geet,
Aamad-e-subh'ke mahtab ke, sayaaron ke geet


Tere Azar Ka Koi Chaara Naheenm Nishtar ke siva,
Aur Yeh Saffak Masiha Mere Qabze Mein Naheen,
Is Jahaan Ke Kisi Be-Rooh Ke Qabze Mein Naheen,
Haan Magar- Tere Siva, Tere Siva, Tere Siva!