Tuesday, December 28, 2004

The End of School

If any of you have been reading, or writing, my favourite blogs, you'd realise that Dilli Public School Aar Kay Puram has just bid adieu to its batch of 2004-2005, making us, in effect, the 26th batch to pass out of it's hallowed portals. (Did I just hear a snigger that sounded like MMS?)

Well, so all our schooldays culminated in an Economics Examination that was not exactly memorable, an assembly that was, solely since it was our last day, and a visit to Priya that was fun, even though we did nothing much. Damini treated us to a lunch on account of her getting into Wharton, which is great news.

Gah, sentiment hits again. At the risk of being Maudlin and weepy,I must admit school's given us quite a lot. Most of my best friends have been due to it, as has been my quizzing. I'd like to thank all my friends, equally, for the amount they've had to stand of me, in various moods. All my teachers. except maybe RRS (Wink wink), and in short everyone in school.

This entry is getting giddily sentimental, and I've realised writing sentimental stuff on one's blog one evening is an embarrassment the next morning, so I stop now.

Saturday, December 25, 2004

On Punjabiyat

What is it with the world, and what do they have against Punjabis? Karan's recent entry on how ungrateful we re has been the last straw. I am Punjabi, and while I'm not proud of the fact (Why shpould anyone be proud of something they haven't done anything for?), I'm bloody sick of the world bitching about us.

A look at the other communities first. Bengalis (with a VERY few exceptions), are useless, constitutionally incapable of any work, and the only thing they can do is say "Cholbe Na" and "hortal" and guzzle Roshogullas. I mean, they can distort Hindi all they want, and then they crib about the way Punjabis pronounce stuff. UPites are not particularly better, and as for South Indians, all I can say is Enna Pannari, what Rubbish.

Right. so. What the hell is your problem with Punjabis? That we are selfish? Hardly. We might not be ingratiating, but we're greateful enough. That we re mean? Look at the Sindhis, and the Taamils. That we're pretentious? Oh Bull, we're not pseudo-intellectuals who have no idea where our next meal is coming from. That we gflaunt money?
So fine, some of us do, and we don't give a shit about it. We don't atleast bother to show how intellectual we are. And as for all the shit thats said about the "Daaktar-Engineer" mentality, its ten times worst in the south. We can abuse much better than others.

Ooh, and anyone who shits about Punjabi music should get a kick up his a..e. I mean, what the hell do people who've heard Daler Mahendi know about Punjabi music. Listen to Heer, listen to the Original Mirza-Saheban and then talk. Just because the Punjabis don't stand up for themselves is no reason to shit about them! Atleast we don't find one other Punjabi in about a million square kilometres, and speak in non-stop Punjabi, the rest of the world be damned. We're tolerably large-hearted, and we don't bemoan our fate, we get up and do something about it.

Don't mess with Punjabis, Skaranses.

PPS- Khasmaanu Khao!

Friday, December 10, 2004

Fourteen years ago, we entered Delhi Public School, and now the time comes when we leave it, not substantially or in installments, but very wholly.
(Apologies to J.L. Nehru)

You guessed right, school's over. Today was in effect the last working day for most of us, and even though we might come sometimes to get files checked, and for the ....
The Pre-Pre-Boards!
The Pre-Pre Boards!!!!!
The concept of a pre-pre board shall now be explained to the lot of you, See, every school has something called a Pre-board, which means just what it sounds like: An examination to prepare one for the Board Examinations in March. This examination is usually conducted in January.

So was the case with Delhi Public School, Rama Krishna Puram. However, courtesy some recent incidents, our school has become an institution that makes Bergen-Belsen sound like a veritable paradise on earth. Not only are all mobiles prohibited, but students are not allowed to use the internet. We did work on the internet.

I digress.

The pre-pre boards are one of the oppressive measures introduced by this act (2004) (History I am studying). These are a series of test with 'limited' (Sardonic, Bitter laughter) syllabus. We have been given all of two weeks notice, and have been told to wrap up our course by the 15th. All this means is that I am existing on three hours of sleep.

The only good point of this cursed "Test Series" is the fact that it prevents us getting maudlin. While earlier we used to look at each other and say "Wail, school's ending", we now look at each other and say "School's ending, when will the history/physics/chemistry/biology/maths syllabus end?"

It has also been decided by the school that we are a "Morally bankrupt lot". A list of directives have been issued that make the Athens of Draco seem as Liberal as Amsterdam. We can now not go to Prince Pan Corner, and not wearing a tie is a punishable offence by which we can be deprived of our Character Certificate.

When I asked teachers why we were treated like criminals, they said it was to "Discipline" us. So, may I remind you, gentle reader, was the Jallianwala Bagh massacre.I don't see why the school does not put up a plaque on the Front Gate saying "Abandon Hope All Ye who enter here"

I never ever thought I would say this, but if this is what school will come too, thank the Lord we're leaving. We've had great times here, wonderful teachers, hard work and a load of fun (Most of my good points are in no small measure due to the school), but when the school reposes no trust in us, our lurrrve for school reduces exponentially.

Let's hope this is just a temporary measure.

(Aphsos mein do pal ki saailaens hai)

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Of Life, Love and Mughal-e-Azam

Mughal-e-Azam, a film released in 1960, and one that went on to become a super-duper hit of all time, has now been re-released!
In colour, no less!
Curses. my favourite songs have been cut.

Finally, after all my 'friends' (Notice the quotes) ditched me, I went to see it with my mother.

Watching the film is an experience, if only for the fact that colour, when applied to a black-and-white movie, does not exactly come out as lifelike. The effect achieved is sort of film-poster meets second-class artist.
Madhubala looks brilliant, however (so whats new?)