Sunday, May 22, 2005

Shab-e-Intezaar Aakhir...
Yeh Chiraag Bujh Rahein Hai, Mere Saath Jalate Jalate...

The morrow bringeth ill-tidings. The Central Board of Secondary Education, has, in its infinite wisdom, thought fit to announce the results of the All-India Senior Secondary Ceritificate Exams on the day. Considering our batch was one of the 'fortunate' (DETECT SARCASM) students to take this examination, it is no surprise to find that our usual tranquil slumber shall, to-night, be disturbed at worst, and non-existent at best. Here's why.

The boards were, to quote an oft-quoted phrase, an unmitigated disaster. Apart from English, in which I have no confidence whatsoever, considering my less-than-superlative result in it in my first board, the rest were all bad. The oly saving grace was that I got rid of Mathematics, for ever and ever.Ah, The blessed relief when I handed my mathematics question paper to the invigilator... History stabbed me in the back, let's hope the result won't do so.

Well, I'm far too worried to write more.

Here's hoping, and not daring to hope..

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Manav Kapur bids you all a Good Day,

Right, my Pakistan post has invited a great deal of comment, especially from across the border. I'm very pleased with that. Most people seem to think I researched this article. Not particularly, it was just off the cuff, due to what I'd read before.
On that note, I went to see 1947 Live, the Play. It was, by an large, an amazing play. It dealt with the Swatantrata Sangraam of the country- 1613-1947. A very well-acted play, which was by-and-large faithful to history, By far the most convincing actor was Jinnah, though that might be because I've never heard Jinnah. Gandhi was his usual bumbling self, though one had to feel sorry for him when no one but Mountbatten listened to him.
Immediately Before the play, I saw the movie Main Aisa Hi Hoon. Bhavya, you were right. It was terrible. By far the worst was Anupam Kher and Isha Deol, whose only achievement in the movie was to die somewhere in the middle. She acted like a depressed, confused, attention-seeking moron. The little girl was burdened by the worst song in existence "Chanda ne Poochha Taaron se..." which had a punchline "Paaaaaaaaapa.. Mere Paaaaapa". I don't know why Harry Baweja made the movie. I gathered he thought it was cute.
All children who act 'cute' in Indian cinema (Note: Cute means trite and oh-cho-chweet) ought to be drowned in the Ganga.
I'm trying to read Mirza Ghalib (A book given to me by Nisheeth). His Ghazals are beautiful, his Shers exquisite,
Urdu ought to be India's National Language instead of Hindi. All Hindi has is the Madhushala, and Premchand, who, if you asked me, definitely needed Prozac (And also originally wrote in Urdu). It has some good poets too. but nothing comparable to Urdu.

I end with a beautiful quote from Ghalib, that sums him up:
"Hai Aur Bhi Duniya Mein Sukhanwar Bahut Acche
Kehte Hai Ki Ghalib Ka Hai Andaaz-e-Bayaan Aur"