Thursday, August 28, 2008


Yes, well, the blog still lives.

Being in a law school, one sees a number of fellow law-schoolers' blogs. While some of them are perfectly delightful, other bloggers seem to feel the need with filling up their blogs with something socially relevant and "meaningful". That's a word I don't have much patience for, nowadays.

But yes, sometimes, I wonder on the perspective we have gained in law school. Being exposed to discourses on rights, basic rights*, democracy, justice, fairness- all the while being part of an institution that, though the best (snort) in the country, spectacularly fails to carry out any of this in practice.

I considered this to be entirely the fault of the administration. Recent events don't leave me so sure. It is obvious to me, unfortunately, that words like procedure, democracy, hearings are not only irrelevant to the faculty, but also are pretty dispensable for students. That leads me to wonder- what are we learning in law school? I accept the need for a career-oriented course, but where do we miss the point of the abovementioned concepts? Is there something wrong in the way the administrators have failed to inculcate this is us? or is it just something to do with the cynicism that prevails in our lives- in and out of college?

Ah, well, I'm cynical too, and can feel myself stopping to care.

But yes, this blog might live. Humour might return. No assurances, I grant. But probably, yes.