Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Surprise Surprise, two posts in two days. Amazing, it is.
I heard, from rather unreliable sources, of a major panga that happened in class X yesterday.
There is, evidently, a girl called Ankita in class X. This girl was pushed by a set of people, on whom she then turned a\on and abused. These guys then, idiotically, asked her "What's your rate". Miss Miffed then went to Miss Vanita Sehgal, the headmistress.
What the hell is wrong with you, woman! One does not go to Miss Sehgal!
Anyway, Miss Sehgal then went to class, got the girl to slap the guy, and put these people under detention, and a red card.
Here is the part I have difficulty in believing. Evidently, she then called the boy's sister, a girl in class VIII, and asked her what her rate was! She also asked the class to bid for her!

Not done, not done at all. In fact, a very unfaor thing to do(Assuming that this is not all Mirch Masala, of course!)

Bhavya wrote a recent blog entry on gifts. In similar vein, I would also like to thank everyone who gave me a gift, and those who're planning to. Bhavya gave me a book by Dan Brownm which I find rather enjoyable. Vrinda Maheshwari gave me a poster of Madhubala, while Marwah gave me a shirt. Nazneen gave me a shirt, Apoorva gave me a book, Ayesha, Puja and Meghna have not given me anything, Puja's the only one who seems to be planning to give me something. sniff.
Karan got me an Anurag Mathur, Sud got me one, and Copal got me one too. Nice of them.
On this rather disjointed not, I end

Monday, September 13, 2004

Hello Again
This blog entry is being written for many reasons, not least because Karan asked me too. He finally seems to have realised that this blog is not dead, though it's vital signs seem to flicker rather sporadically.
Well, for all those who want to read it, your problem.
On the 11th of September 2004, Bhavya celebrated his birthday party. I was originally supposed to be co-host of the very same birthday party, but since we did not go for a movie, and he took my suggestion to order food from outside as an affront to the food at his house (Which, let me tell all you lesser mortals who haven't eaten there, is superb), there was no way we could end up combining.
As a result, Gyan, Prateek and Vidushi refused to give me a birthday gift.
As Karan has pointed out in his blog, I took my revenge by flirting incessantly. This flirting is not to be confused with the flirting you mere mortals indulge in,but is the type of flirting that I indulge in, which involves the worst pick-up line in the world (Gee, I wonder what our kids would look like, and words to that effect). I could not use this line for all since I, broadening my traditional scope, decided to flirt with Karan. Hehe. The poor boy.
Anyway, coming back to the party, we had great fun, we watched shrek 2, and watched the cricket match. We alsom had cake.
Most of you will not think anything much of the fact that we had cake. Pretty much everyone has cake on people's birthdays, you would say. And you would be right.
Here, there was an important difference. Zis gateau here, Messieurs et Mesdames, was baked by Jyoti aunty, who happens to be Bhavya's mother(She also happens to be Aadisht's mother, but that's not the point here).
The point is, she makes the most amazing brownies, which were hot and fresh from the oven. No brownies I have ever had would compare to hers, except maybe for Barista's Chocolate excess, which would compare, unfavourably, with it.
With Ice Cream.
And a wonderful lunch before it.
Isn't life amazing?

On this happy note I shall leave, to furnish you with a most interesting tale tommorow.

Friday, September 03, 2004

Of Life, MUN and Birthday
The delegate of the Russian Federation would like to express his gratitude at the delegate of Blah!'s motion to wish him a happy birthday. Russia is very happy on the occasion of his birthday and thanks all those who have wished him today.
Russia is of the opinion that a bithday comes but once an year, and its a time of great cheer. Noting the fact that the countries Russia allies with may not ally with each other,he realises the need to organise discussions on two separate committees. The derfault agenda is set in the order
1 Non-Geeky Group
2. Geeky Group

The first comprises of Russia's historical as well as geographical allies, whearas the second refers to countries close to the Russiam Federation in outlook. Russia has proposed the first committee to discuss on monday, the 5th of september 2004, at Akasaka whereas the second committee will meet at the Blah! High commission on the 11th of september 2004.
Lastly, but not the least, Russia would like to raise a motion to wish the delegate of Blah! a happy birthdauy, for this happy event which lies on the 4th of september 2004. Russia hopes the delegate of blah! would enjoy his 17th year as much as he did his 16th.
Thank you