Tuesday, July 19, 2005

'Absence makes the heart grow fonder'
In that case. all ye who read my blog and my outpourings of wisdom therein ought to be deeply and passionately in love with me. After a long hiatus of almost two months to the day, I am now back to delight, regale and amuse you with the story of my life.
My previous blog entry was written on the night before the board examination results were declared. These results were Not Very Good, with the possible exception of Mathematics and Geography. Two days after this, I left for Calcutta, where I was to pursue law at the National University of Juridical Sciences for five years, an opiniion re-inforced by the fact that my NLS and NALSAR results placed me with (So I thought) no other choice.
Wait, though. Life. as they say, works in unexpected ways.
After spending three weeks in the cool climes (NOTICE SARCASM) of Calcutta, I recieved a telephone call from my mother telling me I had got in to NALSAR. NALSAR, Hyderabad (India) is thje second-best law college in the country, after NLS, where PC and Vrinda have got in.
Hence, after a fleeting three-day visit to Delhi, where I met almost all my friends. went out twice for dinner, met Mrs. Prema Pandey (aka Angelic Saviour Of The Quiz Team) and gave a St. Stephens interview (which I messed up, evidently), I was off to Hyderabad.
NALSAR is located 30 km. outside Hyderabad, at a place called Shameerpet. The University Prospectus makes numerous references to the 'sylvan surroundings' of the place. What it omits to mention, though, is that it leaves one very little to do, as well as the vast array of flora and fauna that exists within its four fences, including, but not limited to frogs and reptiles of the order Squamata *(Snakes. intellectually stunted readers, snakes!). The year before last, a baby cobra was found in someone's bed in the girls hostel. Ouch!
Frogs copulating is also a common sight, though a very unwelcome one for our eyes. Eugh!
Well, now I must go, since my time is up. Shall write soon, later.