Thursday, May 27, 2004

Hi. 5 days have passed since my last post, so I m writing.
I have nothing to write about, so I m not writing.

Saturday, May 22, 2004

Hello Me Hearties!
The heat is getting to me, as is the fact that no one ever seems to be online. The reason for this is primarily that Bhavya and Karan, who used to be online almost perpetually, can no longer come online (For reasons why, go to their respective blogs.) Well, anyway, what use is the telephone?
Not much, in fact, because the phone in my room is a temperamental, menopausal BITCH that sometimes decides to work, and sometimes doesn't. When it does work, it makes me hear people's voices at a volume of .000000000000000001 decibels, and occasionally decides to cut the call of its own accord. All my pleas to get a new instrument have fallen on deaf ears and stony hearts. Everyone else is studying hard, which is damn good for them because they will end up getting a 99% in their boards and a ticket to FIIT-JEE and whatnot, but it doesn't do a lot of good for my morale. I m only doing 3 hours of work everyday, not counting the SAT!
And I m not invited to parties where I can get drunk too!!!!1

Tuesday, May 18, 2004


I cannot believe the woman says she does not want to be Prime Minister. I mean, woman, you were the Prime Ministerial Candidate. Hell, you joined Politics to prevent the Grand Old Party's death. How then do you justify backing away. just went the party was to come in power?

Mrs. Gandhi, the country, barring a few so-called intellectuals in urban areas support you. The Muslim vote was totally for the congress. They know of your 'foreign origin', and it doesn't make any difference to them. What are you trying to prove by going on about How ManMohan Singh will be a good PM? If the party had Manmohan Singh as its wannabe PM, the INC Would have reached double digits?

Are you scared? If you are, I am disgusted. You didn't join politics to back out. Why don't you bother to learn from your Mother-in-Law, of whom you are but a grotesque replica? It matter to HER that her security guards, who ended up shooting her, were Sikhs. Remember her speech the night before her death at Bhubhaneshwar. Your MIL was promoted only because she was a 'goongi gudiya', and how wrong she proved her detractors.

Woman, show some courage and have the decency to take what you publically proclaimed you needed!


Times change, people change, decisions change.
I m now enabling comments on Blog Mine. I have also added another blog to my list, Rohan's. His blog is pretty fun, as good as Gudi's.

Sunday, May 16, 2004

Summer hols begin. Life is occasionally Not a .

I ve had great fun since Friday. On Friday, a huge gang of us went to PVR Saket to watch Passion Of the Christ, which, by the way, is a lovely movie, although Very Gory in parts, The squeamish, please watch out. Copal and Rohit were howling in the end and I don't know whether I blame them. If it wasn't for Jit and his terrible jokes, I'd have been howling too.

Yesterday was a vela day, whence I did nothing but sleep and read. I finished a very nice book called Those Days, By Suniel Gangopadhyay. Anyone interested in of the 19tth century, its a must-read. For dinner, we went out with a group of friends and managed to have fun, nor a mean achievement when the people called HATE each other like poison, and can barely be civil to one another. As Bhavya says:Ah Well, such is life.

Yoday I went for another movie, with Prateek and Zafar, the two head boys of our school. It was a LOT more fun that I'd expected, and we had more fun at Barista. Methinks 12th will be as good as 10th. Hellboy is (to my non-action oriented) mind a passable movie that became fun only because of the company.

I am annoyed with little girls who are treated by MAH MONEY !!! and then do not write poems for me. (Damini, Please Note!!!).

Now we have relatives over, a veritable baaraat of them. Jab Bhagwaan deta hai, to chhappad phaad ke deta hai!. I have pesky little brats over who are too young to be told to fuck off and are now trying to make me play Darkroom with them. I ve a good mind to make them choke on their (Their!!!!!! I bought them!!!!!!!!) Shaami Kababs. Can anyone tell me why little kids are so cute upto the time they turn two, and why they become so wholly obnoxious after that? More people have walked in, so I must go to give them inane smiles and listen to how tall I've grown, and how much weight I've lost. Why, also, is conversation in Punjabi Family Reunions so standardised? I'll have to go, smile, and generally act as though they've made my day by coming, which they have not. Not By a Long Shot.

Khair, they might go soon!

Manav (With fingers crossed!!!!)

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

On Lunches, and Birthdays
Yesterday, we went for lunch.
Lunch at an Italian Restaurant, flavors! (The Italian Restaurant, so people say!)
Aadisht treat
God Bless Aadisht! May he sire a hundred sons!!!
The food was out of the world, as was the company. (We do not count Vidushi in the first half, who moped because her cellphone could not be switched on.). Despite the fact that the seating arrangements had to be changed many times,to enable Damini and Vidz to kick people, we had joy, we had Phun. And now, we have seasons in the sun! The Mercury is touching 43 c already. and is climbing still further. Unlike the Khanna Bros. I do not like the heat, It pisses me off, and makes me grumpy. Khair, we live in troubled times.

Today is Badau Birthday in the family, with two of Dadaji's brothers being born on this day, one in 1917, and the other in 1929. Supposedly, it was also Beeji's birthday (Dadajis mother), and I m getting a bit nostalgic thinking about her. Hence, I shall stop right here.

Sunday, May 09, 2004


Karan's emergency is working, inasmuch as I am back to writing!.
Our sweet esteemed Principal Dr. Shyama Chona has ensured that all hapless appointments have to do duty everyday in break. The Quiz Club has been given the BRIDGE, of all things, ie,That pathetic uncovered corridor connecting all the Bacha Blocks where nothing ever happens! That's not quite true, since in our times a condom was found there, and someone's head was bashed in with a jhaadu.
Since then things have considerably quitened down, and the installation of gorgons like Amla Thukral and Swarn Sardana has put an end to whatever little mischief that happened. My duties basically consist of going with Anurag Sud (He of the sharklike smile), walking with him, telling kids not to run, and picking up and throwing an empty coke bottle in the bin. Hardly scintillating.

The Hitch-hikers Guide to the Galaxy is a fabulous book, and all those bits of human flotsam and jetsam who haven't read it should do so at the earliest. I love Douglas Adams. Pity he died so soon.

Aadisht has got into IIM Bangalore, where hopefully he will go bang-a-whore. Vadhaiyaan!!!!. What's even better is the fact that he's taking all of us out to lunch at Flavors! Bhavya, when you get into IIM-Ahmedabad, we want either Dakshin or Pan-Asian!

Our school seems to be moving toward Fascism, with esteemed principal Dr. Mrs. Shyama Chona, Padmashri awardee, being the Dipsian equivalent of Mussollini. While he had his Black Shirts, she has her Red Sashes. Vrinda, Damini and Prateek, along with Zafar the duffer, are all on their way to becoming obedient brainwashed slaves of her Excellency. God, why dost thou sleep when thy obedient servants suffer? Is Madam Chona the next Goldy Malhotra? Will DPS Become as decrepit a school as Modern School Vasant Vihar? Will I flunk my eco monday tests. In sab ke jawaab ke liye, Waach This Ispace!

Well, I think I'll be a bit more regular now, filhaal, this is it.